The Kingdom of Gauth (pronounced Gowth) ruled by King Leopold VI is a powerful and traditional kingdom that follows the religious traditions of the Anaxial States. Its society has developed a sharply divided class hierarchy and an unyielding ruling class, which occasionally causes civil unrest. Historically, Gauth and Mercia are fierce rivals, though currently they are at peace, and have been since the Anax came to power. However, whether this peace remains with King Asturs recent excommunication by the Anax remains to be seen. Many common folk in both Gauth and Mercia speak of a coming war.

Gauth is a verdant and bountiful land. In the south it enjoys a warm coastal climate and at its farthest north it is temperate. Gauth is filled with gentle hills, deciduous forests and green pastures. It is an idyllic land, excellent for farming and raising grazing animals.

The major city in Gauth is Pendal, which is where King Leopold VI rules. The courtiers and other nobles spend most of their time in Pendal with the King hunting, feasting, and enjoying other frivolities.

The people of Gauth tend to be brown haired with brown eyes, although blond hair, black hair, and blue eyes are not uncommon. Green eyes are rare among the Gauttish. The ruling class has a much higher tendency toward blond hair.


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