The Kingdom of Mercia is ruled by King Robert Astur VIII. After John Dee magically helped the Queen produce an heir the King made John his advisor. Together they broke from the theocratic law of the Anaxial States and pronounced the Raven King the true god of Mercia. King Astur lifted the laws against magic users, which created a mass immigration of conjurers and alchemists of all types. Additionally the people have also been granted the freedom to worship the seasonal gods: Avandra, Sehanine, Melora, and Corellon. This was a welcomed action on the part of King Astur. The seasonal gods are more popular in Mercia than in any other nation in Eoroma. This is probably due to the fact that the members of the ancient Druidic Council, the religious elite of the seasonal gods, reside on one of the small islands that Mercia lays claim to. Druids are also common found living in the large forested area of southern Mercia.

Mercia is the smallest nation. It consists of a large island in the ocean off the west coast of Eoroma and smaller islands nearby. The climate is temperate, but often overcast. The nation is very hilly, but not rocky. Deciduous forests are common. It is a good nation for farming and raising livestock.

There is one major city in Mercia: Arngate, which is the capital. The King’s castle is built there. Many other formidable castles can be found through out Mercia, which are the homes for other nobles. However, no other cities challenge the size of Arngate. Infact most other communities in Mercia consist of small townships and tiny villages. The nobles and the King regularly visit one another through out the year both on whim and when business calls. The general rule for these visits is that the higher ranking the official the more spontaneously they can visit their subordinates. As such, the King has been known to arrive without warning at other castles. The King uses this to keep his nobles in check and to test them. Tradition holds that the king must be feasted and entertained upon his arrival to any castle in Mercia.

The people of Mercia tend to be blond haired and blue eyed, but brown hair and brown eyes are not uncommon. Black hair and green eyes are rare among the Mercian. Mercians consider Black haired individuals to be more magically inclined than others, though whether there is truth behind this superstition is not clear.


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