The Anaxial States

The Anaxial States are a collection of powerful city states ruled over by Anax Pius the III. The Anax rules out of Antioch. This is also the home of his champion knights, the Scholae Palatinae. The Anaxial States together wield a strong military. Antioch is home to some of the most powerful priests in Eoroma. The Anaxial city-states are far more economically and commercially developed than other nations. Merchants and investors are common there. The seasonal gods are very rarely worshiped in the Anaxial states, as the Anax has declaired the worship of Gods other than Erathis to be heresy and punishable by imprisonment or death.

The Anaxial states enjoy a warm costal climate as they are located north of, and partly surrounded by, the Boreas sea. They are east of Gauth and south of Sarda. The land in the Anaxial states is mostly steep, hilly, and rocky. Still due to the pleasant climate farming is not too difficult. Most farmers in The Anaxial States farm for the market, as opposed to the subsistence farming found in other nations. This is due to the fact that a high percentage of the population of The Anaxial States lives in cities, so there is great demand for food production.

The greatest city in The Anaxial States is Martin, a major coastal city ruled by a particularly prosperous merchant family. The capitol city is Antioch. From here the Anax speaks the word of Erathis and determines the fate of mankind. The Anax lives in the Aedes Vox. The Aedes Vox is the largest church in Eoroma. It includes a series of elaborate and rich living complexes, and a small university devoted to the study of the word of Erathis and training for the Scholae Palatinae.

The ruling class of the Anaxial States is becoming less nobility by heritage, and more nobility by wealth. Many of the city-states are now ruled by especially well to do merchants. These merchants are constantly gaining more and more power, but none yet dare to challenge the Anax. They know with a word they could be whisked away to the dungeons of the Aedes Vox where they would be tortured until they admitted to heresy.

The Anaxial States

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