The Empire of the Sardic Nation

The Empire of the Sardic Nation is a collection of principalities, duchies, and city-states. The Empire has both a King and a council known as the Reichstag. The Reichstag is a three-part senate made of the Council of Officers, the Council of Lords, and the Council of Imperial Cities. The King serves as the figurehead for the states, in the proper traditional fashion, and has the power to veto council decisions. However, the Reichstag seems to make all the important decisions these days. Together the prince and the Reichstag both owe allegiance to the Anaxial States. The Empire of the Sardic Nation is home both to The Knightly Order of Kord and The Iounic Brotherhood. The seasonal gods Avandra (summer), Sehanine (autumn), Melora (winter), and Corellon (spring) are still worshiped here by some, though none challenge the name of Erathis.

More than any other nation, the people of Sarda are taken by the ancient hero Bryan Danaugh. Bryan built his castle, Tara, in the center of Sarda. The ruins of this mighty castle still stand today as the testament of a golden age ruled by a blessed King. The King of Sarda can supposedly trace his ancestry back to Bryan Danaugh, however he is not a direct heir as Bryan’s direct line ended during the Age of Hardship. The Sardic people are very fond of their King because of his (and supposedly their) heritage. Not all the nobles in the Reichstag feel the same way about the King, but none will challenge the King as long as he has the support of the people.

The Empire of the Sardic Nation is the largest nation in the west. Its climate varies from temperate to bitter cold. It is distinguished by thick evergreen forests and rolling planes that become snowy mountains in the north. The Black Forest is a massive forest that stretches across most of the Eastern edge of the empire and beyond. It is a place of great superstition and danger.

The people of the empire are of a particularly hardy stock. They tend to have black hair and brown eyes. Brown hair is not uncommon. Blond hair, blue eyes, and green eyes are rare.

The Empire of the Sardic Nation

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